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Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Adcos is a global specialty construction chemical company with annual sales of approximately € 7.0million. About 90% of the company’s revenue comes from outside Belgium. Headquartered in Malle, Belgium, the company is servicing customers in nearly 50 countries.

Adcos’s focus for growth and expansion revolves around the core business of high performance construction chemicals for a wide range of civil and industrial applications. Adcos is the leading manufacturer and system-house for waterproofing, leak sealing, ground engineering, structure rehabilitation and steel protection. Our research and development is a truly international effort that addresses worldwide business needs and opportunities while responding to the specific local requirements of every customer.

Why Adcos International?

Large global presence

Adcos International has a global presence of more than 50 specialist contractors and partners network. Having dedicated team and local inventories, this lean structure ensures that our customers enjoy immediate technical support, efficient delivery, short communication lines and fast turnaround time.

Wide range of solutions for every problem

Our portfolio offers a wide range of specialty chemicals to solve complex issues such as dampness, heavy water ingress, structure leakage repair, and soil settlement with ultra fine cavities. While it is challenging to resolve all issues with one product, we provide flexibility, adaptation and customization to meet the specific needs of every project. Our product portfolio includes 1- and 2 - component Polyurethane, Epoxy, Methacrylate, and Urea-silica.

High quality systems and skilled, professional application

An effective solution is more than just selecting the correct chemical. Proper equipment, tools and accessories are very critical to the effectiveness of the injection system. Adcos International is your trusted partner with a complete range of chemicals for your injection needs Our packers, connectors, and accessories will compliment to suit all injection works. To ensure safety, optimal flow, and zero hydraulic losses, the entire range of injection pumps and accessories are carefully selected and optimized for all injection work. Our goal is to achieve highest productivity and efficiency for every user. Adcos International can provide all the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and support required for an effective and productive solution to your problems.

World-class service and technical support

Customer friendliness, flexibility and loyalty are key values to all of us at Adcos International. We proactively engage customers to provide application-consulting and on-site technical support on the use of Adcos International's products throughout every phase of a project. Through training and supervision, Adcos International helps customers to improve efficiency, productivity and to achieve optimal results.

Quality assurance and certifications

All Adcos International's products have undergone stringent quality management, in-house, and third-party tests based on international standards (ISO 9001:2015, ASTM, BS, EN-ISO, CE) by renowned laboratories and certification bodies. On top of that, products are carefully formulated with the safest chemicals for human and environmental exposure. All systems are compliant with LEED, solvent free and do not contain any VOC.

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