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Adcos International is a global specialty construction chemical company for waterproofing, leak sealing, ground engineering, structure rehabilitation, and steel protection. Headquartered in Belgium, the company is serving customers in nearly 50 countries.

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An effective solution is more than just selecting the correct chemical. Proper equipment, tools and accessories are very critical to the effectiveness of the injection system. Adcos International provides a competitive and complete range of specialized chemicals, equipment, systems and support for the various areas and industries.

Injection System for Tunnelling

The injection system includes ground stabilization, consolidation of soft ground and elimination of water pockets, cutterhead intervention and cavity filling behind tunnel segments

Leak Sealing & Waterproofing

Leak sealing of tunnel segments and joints to piles, cracks, porous concrete structures, potable water and chemicals retaining structures, Adcos has the right solution to your water leaking problems.

Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

Structural repair and bonding of concrete cracks and curtain injections behind concrete and masonry structures

Ground Engineering & Water Control

Horizontal and vertical permeation injections with high water ingress, coagulate and consolidation of various ground conditions and leak sealing, bonding of ground anchor bolts

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With our years of experience dealing with problematic water leakage issues in tunnels, dams, water catchment areas and sewages, our solutions have proven to be effective against water ingress not only in the industrial sector, but in all areas, including residential and commercial buildings.

From dampness to high water ingress, we got you covered! 

Let us help you Leak Proof from Underground Up. Do it once, do it right!

references and past projects

Adcos International injection systems and solutions are used for maintenance and during construction of important (underground) infrastructure projects throughout the world, such as metros and tunnels, hydroelectirc water dams, water treatment plants or any other concrete structure. Some of our major references include the Metros of London (Crossrail), Paris, Helsinki (ESPOO), Barcelona, Madrid, Roma and Milano Tunnel.

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