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How it works

Adcos International strives to provide a safe, easy to apply, and durable chemical solution to all stakeholders. Doing it right the first time is critical to the longevity of the structure.

Our products are based on the closed cell foam technology to provide permanent effectiveness against high water ingress. This is different from most products in the market, which uses water-reactive foams (open cell) as temporary water-stopping measures.

How are we different?

In open cell technology, the open cell matrix works like a sponge, and hence even in compacted form, the foam remains permeable. This will saturate causing water leakage issues to reappear. In order to achieve a durable elastic seal, a backup or 2nd pass injection is required.

In closed cell foam technology, since the cell structure are smaller and denser with little to no spontaneous capillary absorption, there is no need for a 2nd pass injection. We recommend the closed cell foam technology over the open cell technology as it provides a more permanent solution with just a single injection. Multiple drilling into concrete can cause severe long term consequences such as structural deterioration, and problematic water ingress.

Injection System for Tunnelling

  • Injection around tunnel eye to stabilize ground before the launch / arrival of tunnel boring machine
  • Umbrella injections in front of tunnel boring machine to consolidate soft ground or eliminate water pockets
  • Water ingress prior to cutterhead intervention
  • Injections behind tunnel boring machine to prevent water ingress
  • Cavity filling behind tunnel segment to minimize water transit

Leak Sealing & Waterproofing

  • Leak sealing of tunnel segments and joints
  • Leak sealing of diaphragm wall, sheet pile and bore piles
  • Leak sealing of cracks, joints and porous concrete structures
  • Leak sealing of potable water and chemicals retaining structures

Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

  • Structural repair and bonding of concrete cracks
  • Curtain injections behind concrete and masonry structures

Ground Engineering & Water Control

  • Horizontal and vertical permeation injections with high water ingress
  • Coagulate and consolidate various ground conditions
  • Leak sealing and bonding of ground anchor bolts

Can't find what you're looking for?

Let us know your unique needs and challenges. With our range of products, equipment and expertise, we can work together to come up with a custom solution specific to your project.